Buying a New Home Vs. Resale


In Florida being in the Southwest area, there are brand new communities that are popping up which comes with new homes. Many homeowners have lots of choices whether to choose to buy a new home or buying a resale home.



Buying a new home:

-New homes are built with newer materials which results in less maintenance
-More often new homes have more safety features because of abiding by the latest building codes
-There are new appliances that come with warranties
-Houses come with better insulation to help energy costs
-A warranty that majority home builders offer with the house
-Energy- efficient home that will save money with more efficient heating and cooling
-More up to date on hurricane proofing the house with hurricane shutter or hurricane glass
-It is easier to customize because you can choose many details upfront—from floor plans and paint colors to faucets and light fixtures
-New homes are likely wired with new technology in mind with more cable outlets, etc.
-With new homes, prices are comparable to resales, so you get a new home for same price as a resale on some cases
-Most new homes are in new communities that provide a lot of amenities (clubhouse, pool, etc.) that some resales do not have
-Builders are building in all stages so there are homes ready to be moved into now







Buying a resale:

-The neighborhood is more mature with bigger trees and mature landscaping
-Some prefer the older style of home vs. the newer style home where new homes have open floor plans
-Will provide more opportunities for home improvements, for a DIY person that can be a dream come true
-A lot of resales have more land in some communities than new homes depending on the community
-Buyers often have more room to negotiate prices than new homes, although pricing on new inventory can be easily negotiated as well


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