Since Florida is a state where people are constantly moving to for warmer weather, being retired, etc., Florida is constantly growing with new communities to host everyone who are coming in to stay.



When buying a home, many people will see that there is a CDD fee.

What is that?

CDD means Community Development District so a CDD will have a fee that a new community will have for a home buyer to pay for the amenities to be built. With developing the community, they could have a clubhouse, a pool, a park, a golf course, etc. and it cost money to get these amenities up and running. Also, a CDD fee is also used for roads and sewers as well for the new community.

The CDD fee is considered a bond given from the government and the bonds must be paid back by the homeowners. The CDD fee is usually set to be paid annually anywhere between 15-30 years depending on the amount so it is not a substantial amount that needs be paid when purchasing the home.



Now with HOA fees, HOA means Homeowners Association which usually is a board of people who meet once a month to make sure the community is being maintained and rules are being followed, etc. HOA fees are for the amenities to be maintained, and HOA fees are recurring and payable outside of your tax bill.


Some communities have both CDD’s and HOA’s so it’s important to look closely at the fees associated with a home purchase. A skilled Real Estate Agent can help you navigate these fees and others like it when starting your home search.


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